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Attention Electric Vapors LLC Customers

Regulations for vapor businesses will be enforceable October 1, 2015. We all knew this day would arrive, despite the industry’s attempt to delay regulations.
Electric Vapors LLC – while saddened by some aspects of the law – fully supports the Age restrictions requirements listed in Texas law, SB97.
However, Electric Vapors LLC must regretfully inform our customers about how the new law will affect each of you.

Some of the outcomes listed below are by the choice of Electric Vapors LLC; others are requirements of the law.

  • Electric Vapors LLC will no longer be accepting online orders after September 30, 2015.
    • This does not mean online orders of vape supplies have been banned.
    • The risk of penalty is too great for Electric Vapors LLC to continue to offer online sales.
  • Electric Vapors LLC prohibits vapor product sales to minors.
    • If Electric Vapors LLC is made aware the transaction is for someone other than the purchaser the transaction will and must be cancelled.
    • If asked to provide Identification the I.D. must be valid.
  • Electric Vapors LLC will keep an informational website
    • To provide a place for product and e-liquid descriptions
    • To assist with education and training
    • To inform current and potential customers on location and contact information

We are sorry for any inconveniences these changes may cause and hope for your continued patronage
at our instore location at 3303 East Main St., Suite B
Madisonville, Texas 77864

Please feel free to call (936) 349-0200 if you have any questions or concerns.

Electric Vapors LLC Management

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